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      Natixis analyst Pavel Govciyan says :
      * Microsoft buys Mojang (Minecraft) for $ 2,5 billion
      * That is 35% to 45% above Ubisoft’s current share price
      * US groups keen to use their cash in Europe, might be interested in buying Ubisoft
      * Developers such as Activision or EA might be interested, as well as film studios such as Warner and Disney
      * Ubisoft is one of the best targets in the gaming sector
      * Ubisoft will make an ideal target out to 12/18 months
      * Ubisoft is in no rush, game launches in 2014 and 2015 will be complex marketing operations which would be incompatible with a post-merger reorganisation
      * Ubisoft and potential buyer will probably wait until the nextgen consoles cycle peaks (late 2015) to gauge the value of the latest franchises (The Crew and The Division), before considering a consolidation move.

      In conclusion, Ubisoft is a very interesting target (nice catalogue), relatively cheap in the sector, but the analyst expects a possible bid will only take place within 12 to 18 months.
      (IF there is ANY bid of course)

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