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      De nouvelles notes suite aux tests « longue durée » de the division par les sites spécialisés.


      Ubisoft Massive’s RPG shooter The Division has now been in everyone’s hands – critics and gamers alike – for around a week, with many reaching the campaign level cap of 30 and some touching on the Dark Zone’s level cap of 50.

      That’s means they’ve put in plenty of hours in the online shooter, and the first round of reviews are going live with definitive opinions. Is The Division a critical hit, and should you spend you money on it? We’ve gathered together the early reviews, and we’ll add more throughout the week as they go live from all the big outlets.

      Gamespy – 5/5
      GameSpot – 8/10
      Metro GameCentral – 7/10
      Daily Star – 4/5
      The Examiner – 5/5
      Cheat Code Central – 4.6/5
      IGN Italia – 9/10
      JeuxActu – 17/20
      The Jimquisition – 6.5/10
      Eurogamer Italy – 9/10″

      Créateur du site en mode cordial 🙂

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