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      by Blubber

      * Share drop is due to « technical issues » with Assassin’s Creed Unity affecting PS4, XOne and PC, which were NOT solved by patch 1.0

      * Context : let’s not forget that AC Unity is not the ONLY release of Ubisoft, in fact, we have, in order of decreasing importance :
      1. Far Cry 4
      2. AC Unity
      3. AC Rogue
      4. The Crew

      * So, even when problems with AC Unity persist, the year is not necessarily « lost » (let’s not exaggerate). First, let’s not forget that AC Rogue launch was very successful.

      * Following triggers can turn the tide in the coming days for Ubi :
      1. Good launch of Far Cry 4
      2. Good launch of The Crew (better than expected sales figures)

      But let’s not forget there might even be a simpler solution/ trigger : patch 2.0 for AC Unity. AC Unity is not necessarily « lost » :
      Ubisoft is probably working really hard (right now) to solve the issues. I guess they will release a decent patch in the coming days, putting a halt to most of the problems and the negative comments.

      Think about this before rushing to the exit 😉
      PS : this is no investment advice and yes, I am still (too) long Ubisoft
      PS2 : feel free to add other positives, or negatives (!) to my list 😀

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