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      Hop début du Kickstater Gameband

      Le 8 février 15h30 :
      14 133 sur 75 000
      114 contributeurs

      Créateur du site en mode cordial 🙂

    • #8754

      Le 9 février 12h52 :
      81 456$
      542 contributeurs

      Objectif atteint en moins de 24h 🙂

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      LE 18 FEVRIER – 200K€ dépassés !

      200 272 $

        1 175 contributeurs
        26 jours restants

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      14 févr. 2017

      It’s been a whirlwind first few days! At the risk of sounding like a broken record: we really do appreciate all your support, backing, comments and questions!!

      Setting stretch goals is scary; it’s difficult to keep everyone happy, and in the past days we’ve been closely reviewing initial feedback on what is important to people. Doing that properly (as well as just being manic) has delayed us somewhat getting this update out, so apologies and thanks for your patience!! We really hope you like it, please let us know, and if we have room to adjust it further we will.

      Please note that in addition to the stretch goals we will also be adding some other new upgrade options, a referral program, and more. Stay tuned, you’ll see another update on these tomorrow.

      So without further adieu….

      ONE: the 1000 backer milestone!
      We’re really close on this one! Like, really close!! And we want to thank our first 1000 backers. So as a small thank you (ahead of any of the ’normal’ stretch goals): the first 1000 backers is where we will draw our future 50 first consumer beta testers from. So when the time comes (DVT2 in our timeline) we will be drawing lots for testers from the first 1000 of YOU! Good luck!!

      As it is Valentines today tomorrow, we are adding a new canvas strap upgrade: and it will be….RED. Just add $20 to your pledge and we’ll confirm via survey after the campaign. If you want to change from a previous canvas choice don’t worry, we’ll also pick that up via survey when the campaign ends (or drop us a direct message if like and we will immediately confirm back to you now).

      The team has also designed some heart-loaded watchfaces especially for tomorrow, watch out for them on social media (and they will be available on all units when we ship! ;-)).

      TWO: hitting $200k:
      As soon as we hit $200k we will unlock another 5 Atari mini-games. Written from scratch, bringing the total shipping on every unit to 15 titles.
      In addition we will add an exclusive Kickstarter limited edition Asteroids strap (leather) as an upgrade choice. Not one you’ll ever see in retail.

      THREE: hitting $400k:
      As soon as we hit $400k we will unlock a final 5 Atari mini-games, bringing the total shipping to 20 titles!!
      Secondly: we will release details of a new upgrade offer: a USB-C audio jack adapter. With this dongle people can plug their Gameband directly into a standard audio jack.

      FOUR: hitting $600k:
      Screen protectors for everyone!
      Another limited edition strap upgrade: but we’ll look for your input on what it will be: Centipede? Missile Command? we’ll put the choices to you and finalize quickly based on your feedback.

      FIVE: hitting $800k:
      We will release release another upgrade offer: a USB-C HDMI adapter. With this dongle people can plug their Gameband MicroSD directly into a SmartTV to access movies and more.

      SIX: hitting $1200k:
      Keep the screen protectors: we hit this and we upgrade everyone to Gorilla Glass! We believe we have the best processor, display, and connectivity. If we cross this threshold we can also go for gorilla glass. You’ll own one of the most sturdy, powerful, fastest Smartwatches on the planet!!

      SEVEN: hitting $1500k:
      We gotta dream. But with backers like you, who not? Other people have done it, so can we, with your help. And you can be sure when we do we’ll find a way to celebrate it with you!

      Créateur du site en mode cordial 🙂

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